My Birthday Caps


I thought it would be fitting (pun intended) that for my first post it would be proper to highlight the caps my roommates gave me on this very day. The Blue Jays cap was a gift from my suitemate Sean and his girlfriend, while the one of the right was a “belated birthday/ early Christmas” present from his roommate Matt.

I fully plan to go into the full details about why I love these hats in the future, but for now I just want to take a moment and publicly thank them for their generosity. I truly appreciate the gifts, as well as the thought that went into them. I couldn’t have asked for a better suite, or nicer hats.

Generally, my posts will involve a hat, and a story about why I bought or received said hat, which generally includes a life story of some sort. But for now, I just want to appreciate the kindness of my friends; you guys are truly the best.


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